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CoCare is an app that is developed to support efforts to fight COVID-19 by testing, treating, tracing, and serving.

The CoCare app uses a secure contact tracing protocol to inform people who are at a risk of contracting the infection. Mobile devices exchange Bluetooth-enabled secure encrypted keys when another device with the app installed is detected nearby. No other information is shared. This proximity information is stored on one's phone for 30 days on a rolling basis — anything beyond that would be deleted. No location data is collected.

If a person unfortunately falls ill with COVID-19, users are asked to voluntarily self-report and consent is sought to upload the encrypted data. This information will be critical to contact people who had close contact with the infected individual, to provide timely guidance and care.

CoCare app checks proximity through RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and TX power (Transmit power of a peripheral) of bluetooth transmitting device that comes within range. When devices in range are dectected, they will have an exchange of users' ID and timestamp. These will be saved in their respective local databases. CoCare follows a range of distance and time for detection defined according to international standards.

CoCare is designed to safeguard your privacy and give you control of your data. This includes the following privacy safeguards:

  • Limited collection of personally-identifiable information. The only personally-identifiable information collected is your phone number, which is securely stored on the server side.
  • Local storage of your encounter history. Your encounter history is stored exclusively on your own device. CoCare only accesses this history when an infected person chooses to share it.

When you register, an anonymized ID is generated against your phone number. These phone numbers are the only personally-identifiable information required from you. The phone numbers are used to contact users if they are found to have had prolonged exposure to an infected person.

You can log out of the CoCare app to have your data deleted. Your data shared with other phones will no longer be associated with the app and accessed by the other users.