Contact Tracing

Tracing Works

How Bluetooth Tracing Works?

Passive 1

Ayesha and Zainab are friends. It was Ayesha's birthday so Zainab goes to meet her

Passive 2

Ayesha’s and Zainab’s apps run in the background, making anonymized Bluetooth connections and tracing their location

Passive 3

The next day Zainab suddenly has an onset of high fever and difficulty in breathing

Passive 4

She takes the CoCare app screening questionnaire and is recommended a test which comes out +ve

Location Uploaded

Zainab self reports her +ve status. Her meetings and locations visited are uploaded to the cloud

Cocare Server

CoCare servers publish the list of at-risk locations and times. Ayesha’s CoCare app downloads the data and warns her about possible exposure

Essential Provider

Integrations with essential providers enable Ayesha and Zainab to stay quarantined and get medicines and food delivered